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   Mission, vision and values

Mission :
To produce hermetic compressors for household and commercial appliances according to latest technologies to the best quality and competitive price with the aim of covering local market and export giving leverage to Egyptian feeding industries, supporting community and creating value to all stakeholders.

Vision :
To be recognized globally as the best supplier of the most suitable product and to be the first choice to all customers.

Values :
• Honesty, Reliability, Trust & Openness towards our customers.
• Satisfaction, Continuous Development, Respect and Equal Opportunities to our employees.
• Commitment, Result and Quality pride in front of ourselves.
• Honorable profit for our shareholders.
• Long lasting business with our stakeholders.

To bring those Ideals & Values to reality we;
• Continuously re-define what the market actually expects (to be close to customers).
• Update the product – whenever needed - in order to satisfy customer’ demands & expectations.
• Identify the necessary and sufficient technology in order to provide the market with the demanded reliability.
• Improve constantly the levels of quality, performance, and conformity to the project.
• Do not let competitors overtake us in the run towards product and service reliability improvement and towards poor quality cost reduction.
• Prepare the whole company to recognize the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The function heads shall be directly responsible for the diffusion of such knowledge within their own areas.
• Hold all functions responsible for the building and maintenance of the quality system in their own area of influence. GENMA shall be responsible for co-ordination between functions in order to have only one quality Mgt. system. With this scope, GENMA appoints Q.A.
• Do not to accept compromises about quality under the pressure of immediate needs.
• Are oriented to problem solving and continuous improvement.

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