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Quality Policy

Policy Statement

MCMC is a manufacturer of hermetic compressors for house hold refrigerators,freezer &commercial appliancesand always strives to satisfy and, wherever possible, exceed the needs and expectationsof its customers and the ambitions of its employees and all interested parties that are mentioned in company context.

With the following fundamental principles

• To be chosen and appreciated by customers for conforming to qualityrequirements, Efficiency, Price, Reliability, Performance and our Image.
• To offer an ever improving quality level so as to influencepositively customers' future choices.

MCMC is particularly committed for:

• Producing high quality Compressors with superior technical characteristics, competitive price, and state of the art technology that satisfying the applicable requirements. Controlling the changes of its processes and products.
• Compliance to the applicable quality ,which conform to the Egyptian and International Standards in order to satisfy its customers, statutory and regulatory requirements and to assure the safety of the use of its products.
• Eliminate or minimize the risks associated with its operations and activities.
• Setting and reviewing appropriate targets for continual improvement of quality Management System and enhancing its performance.
• Ensure that all persons doing works under its control are competent, aware on the quality and environment issues and take actions to acquire the necessary competency, where appropriate.
• Ensuring that this policy is applied within the company, understood and communicated to all persons working under its control furthermore interested parties mentioned in the company context.
• Empower and Support everybody to participate, innovate for continuous Performance and improvement.

To achieve these objectives,

MCMC adopts QMS that fulfills the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2015 MCMC maintains the policy as documented information and will review it annually to ensure its relevance, appropriateness to the company and availability to relevant interested parties and publicthrough the company's website www.zmcegypt.com.


Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Policy Statement

It is an important duty to ensure the good environmental performance, safety and health of employees, visitors, stakeholders and society in a continuous and future manner in all its aspects operations, and to provide the organization, commitment for training. The senior management firmly believes that it is committed to monitor and improve environmental performance, health hazards and continuous improvement through the following points:

  • Identify and assess environmental and safety hazards and procedures for controlling and limiting them in accordance with the regulations and periodically integrate environmental, health and safety responsibilities in all commercial and industrial processes through planning of environmental protection, health and safety and use of environmentally friendly materials and production materials.
  • Reduce and improve the consumption of natural resources and Increase green spaces.
  • Review and develop policy through goal setting and performance review.
  • Take advantage of the best available techniques while adhering to existing and future laws and regulations and other requirements, and encourage those who work with the company to meet the same standards.
  • Producing environmentally friendly cooling compressors that consume the least amount of energy.
  • Review and develop policy through goal setting, performance review, environment, health and safety programs to meet the specific objectives of each activity, followed by sequentially reducing waste, optimizing resource use, increasing reuse and recycling, and providing a safe and healthy environment.
  • Continuous measurement of the level of noise intensity within the company and the surrounding external environment by the Ministry of Environment.
  • Commitment to maintaining effective communication systems on environmental, health and safety issues through training and raising the level and dissemination of environmental awareness and health among employees to reach the acceptable low level of accidents and safety of individuals.
  • The objectives of the environment, occupational safety and health of the company and consistent with this policy are determined by the Chairman of the Board and by the Directors of the departments and setting goals, targets monitor regularly and reviewed through management reviews.

Announcement and Publication: The announcement, publication, maintenance and review of this policy at all work sites of the company in a manner that ensures the understanding of employees and visitors and the concerned parties through the Director General in coordination with the directors of departments.